General Information: Apples are one of the world?s most widely cultivated tree fruits grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe. Apples, and pears, too, have been grown in New Zealand since Europeans first settled the country. In 2010 around 69 million tonnes of this early autumn pipfruit were grown worldwide. Apples have a distinct ?apple taste?, crunch and mouth feel. The fact is there?s nothing more ?more-ish? than biting into a freshly picked apple at room temperature.

Growing Conditions: Central Otago?s warm/hot dry summers and cool/cold winters provide an ideal growing climate for apples. The tree must have a dormancy period of at least 1200 hours per year under 7.2°. The region?s clean, clear water and a pollution-free atmosphere further ensure a freshness and quality that is second to none.

Food Values: The old adage ?an apple a day keeps the doctor away? is closer to the truth than we perhaps appreciate. Apples are loaded with the ?right stuff? --- dietary fibre (more fibre per serving than many leading breakfast cereals), low glycaemic index (releasing sugar into the blood stream gradually to provide longer lasting energy), potassium, vitamin C, essential minerals, B vitamins and no fat, cholesterol or salt.

Cox Orange (Early March)
Cox Orange Pippin is a highly flavoured early season tartish eating apple. An apple with firm white flesh. A great eating apple at this time of year.

Royal Gala (Mid/Late March)
Royal Gala is a bright red-striped apple. Sweet, crisp flavour with firm white flesh. A great eating apple.