General Description:Peacharines are the succulent, juicy answer to any indecision about whether to buy peaches or nectarines. Many though, claim the peacharine is the hybrid that in fact combines the best of the two parent fruit. Perhaps surprisingly, Peacharines are not a new variety; dating back to the early 1900s and an American horticulturalist J. W. Philippi of Acampo, California who is credited with its propagation.

With a predominantly red skin that is substantially more nectarine than peach meaning less fuzzy and therefore really doesn’t need peeling before biting into flesh that is deliciously similar in taste to a peach but with the firmness of a nectarine. Like peaches and nectarine, peacharines are delicious as pie filings and lots more.

Growing Conditions:Central Otago’s cold winters and hot, dry summers are ideal conditions for growing peacharines. This climate change is necessary for trees to bud properly. The region’s sandy, well drained soils are also preferred by the peacharine trees.