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General description: Nectarines originated in China over 2000 years ago as a natural mutation of the peach. Smaller than a peach and not fuzzy skinned, there’s no need to peel a nectarine to enjoy its unique juiciness, tangy taste and fragrant aroma. Nectarines come in two categories:- ‘clingstone’, describing how the succulent flesh clings to the furrowed, egg-shaped seed stone, and ‘freestone’ where the flesh comes easily away from the stone. Just like peaches there are white and yellow fleshed nectarines. Nectarines take their name from the word ‘nectar’, meaning ‘sweet liquid’.

Growing Conditions: Central Otago’s cold winters and hot, dry summers are ideal conditions for growing nectarines. This climate change is necessary for nectarine trees to bud properly. The region’s sandy, well drained soils are also preferred by the nectarine tree.

Food Values: Nectarines are a good source of vitamin A and C, and dietary fibre; are low in calories with no sodium or cholesterol. They have high levels of potassium and calcium, both good for you.


Diamond Bright (Mid January)
Clingstone of a medium size. Early season, firm fruit with a shiny red colour.

Spring Bright (Late January)
Clingstone of a good size and sweetness. Eats crunchy or soft and juicy when fully ripe.

Ruby Diamond (Early February)
Freestone with a shiny dark red skin. Has a delicious old fashion nectarine flavour.

Mid Star (Early/Mid February)
Semi Freestone. Highly coloured red skinned fruit with yellow flesh. Super sweet and super juicy with mild flavour.

Summer Bright (Mid/Late February)
Clingstone with a sweet intense flavour. Eats crunchy or soft and juicy when fully ripe. "Our pick of the bunch".

Fantasia (Late February)
Freestone with a traditional sweet flavour. Great for eating or preserving. The established favourite.

Orion (Early March)
Freestone Shiny impressive looking fruit. Great flavour, good for eating or preserving.

August Fire (Mid March)
Clingstone with a very sweet sub acid flavour. Best to be eaten firm.


Fire Pearl (Mid February)
Clingstone with a very sweet sub acid flavour. Best to be eaten firm.